Monday, January 21, 2013

A Total Paisa Vasool Book!

        Name of the book: Flirting with Fate

Author: Mrs Preeti Singh

Number of Pages: 248

Price: 150/-
  Rating: 3.5/5

Publishing Company: Mahaveer Publishers

The debut novel - Flirting with Fate is written by Mrs Preeti Singh with a tag line – Karma Always Returns. It is based on the life of Anand who chooses an easy path to crime, bloodshed, rape get love and be accepted and  be happy. Will he get away with his wrong doings or will he pay for his deeds? Join Anand in his journey and find out what fate has in store for Anand.

One word to define the crime-fiction novel is simply, “Gripping”. Once opened my first author signed copy, I was totally engrossed with the book and finished the book in a period of 2 days. Angry and apprehensive by Anand actions, touched by the love bestowed upon Anand by Sribehen, Mr Gonsalves, Ananya, Sunita, Gauri & Aslam Bhai and smiling when fluffy the dog would ponder were just few of the emotions which I went through when I joined Anand’s journey.       

The verdict is that discounting the fact that you will come across fluffy the dog’s wondering thoughts longer than an average dog’s, the book worth its buck. In a bindaas language  –  a total paisa vasool book!

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