Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tete-a-Tete with Author Arpit Vageria

Love is a feeling which each person experiences during his or her life. While some realize their true love for some its just ever confusing enough...Chocolate Sauce, soul dark sinful is a novel about four confused lovers Arnab, Aditi, Jhanvi and Rishi. 

In this Interview Author Arpit Vagheria shares his views on his novel, the experience he went through while penning the characters and scenes and why he thinks the novel is a must read.

Chocolate Sauce – Smooth Dark Sinful is a tale of confused lovers. What excited you to select this subject for your debut novel?

Ans: It’s the confused tale of lovers which excited me to write it down. We see a change in perception, attitude and lifestyle along with different cities. My story revolves around Arnab and Jahnvi and it talks about the same.

Fiction Novel is a basket of emotions. Could you spark upon your favourite situation or two in the novel where a reader would surely experience a roller coaster of emotions?

Ans: My favorite situation in novel is how Arnab and Jahnvi went through all the pain to make their respective birthdays special. Another one, when Arnab’s grandfather appears in his dream to get him corrected on blunders and showed him reality too.

Which situation/character was most easy/difficult to pen-down and why?

Ans. Arnab’s character was quite easy for me to pen down for the reason I’ve been living a life of Arnab since my childhood and we think quite alike too.

Jahnvi was difficult to pen down as you need to think it from girl’s perspective. Which is just not easy.

Who is your personal favorite character in the book and why?

Ans. I liked Dr. Raghubeer’s character a lot as it inspires, motivates one to live a life despite of difficult and breathtaking situations at times.

Why Chocolate Sauce should be a must read book?   

Ans. One should read it to experience all three phases of a love life: Smooth.Dark.Sinful. You change your lifestyle, friends and many more with Tier-1 cities. You surely change values of relationship too with that. My story explains it all.

Arpit Vageria, born in Indore, is one the young authors of India. Chockolate Sauce is his debut novel. Apart from writing, he is currently employed in a leading media group of Mumbai.
He is a commerce graduate from Renaissance College, Indore and has done a management course from IBS, Mumbai. His other interests are listening to music, travelling and reading. 

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