Saturday, June 1, 2013

Book Review: First You Plz

By: Nisha B. Thakur  
E-Book Rating: 3/5
No of Pages: 78

First You Plz is a story of Avanti’s journey of ups and downs of her first love and how she exhibits immaturity as she deals with anxieties of her first love. Although Aakash – the guy whom she is interested he hasn't shown much interest in her, still in her heart she keeps on praying, first you plz

First You Plz is a story of Immature Avanti – a story which all youngsters are most likely to experience at some point in of time in life … The tingling feeling, excitement, the pain are just few of the emotions which are well oozed out throughout the e-book.  The simplicity with which the author has penned down the book makes the pages of the book flow down with ease. However on the flip side, the e-book appears more like pages of diary from a immature writer with technicalities missed

The Verdict – A sweet touchy book which will surely bring smiles on each girls face and help guys understand what is transpiring in the girls mind which they majority of the times fails to understand!

About Author- 

Nisha lives in Navi Mumbai with her family. After completing her Post Graduation in Communication Management she worked as a copywriter with a reputed ad agency in Mumbai. She now works as a freelance copywriter cum screenwriter.

When she is not writing, she composes poetry. Apart from writing, she enjoys cooking being  a big foodie, reading novels, watching cinema and surfing the TV. She is a spiritual person and a follower of Vipasanna meditation. She believes in God, Karma and Karmic connections. By means of all the experiences of her life she has written her debut novel.

Nisha is presently juggling with freelance copy and screen writing projects. She aspires to be a known author and film writer. She can be reached at

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  1. First You Plz; as the name says, the story revolves around Avanti and her love Aakash, whom she loves very much but expects him to propose first. Avanti's character has been portrayed well by the aurhor. Even the way her friends helping her getting her love through various investigations and tricks is interesting and generates curiosity among the readers. Overall it's a short and sweet love story and everyone should enjoy it once.