Friday, September 27, 2013

Interview with Nisha Thakur on her debut novel: First You Plz

How did you manage to zero-in on the subject and how long did you take to finish it your debut novel – “First You Plz”?

First You Plz is about today’s generation mindset that they wait for the opposite person to propose. They want their lover to take the first step. Many of my friends discuss a lot about who proposed whom or should they be the one taking first step and that’s how this topic came to my mind. It took me a year to finish writing this book.

What age group have you targeted and what is the kind of response that you are getting?

My target audience is anyone who is eagerly waiting for their first love proposal, either to propose or to get proposed. The initial response of the book is very good. My readers liked the story line, they liked the simple language of the book, they liked the characters, they liked and many girls could relate to Avanti and the funniest part is many boys could relate Avanti to their girlfriends. They admitted that even their girls were as immature as Avanti.

Can you describe the nature of some supporting characters? Which one is your favourite?

Supporting Characters are Meenakshi and Rachana. Meenakshi is a true friend who is always ready to help Avanti. Rachana is marketing pain and she relates every situation to various marketing jargons. Rachana is my favorite and she is a favorite character of many readers as well.

Which scene did you have to really have to struggle to pen down?

I find it difficult to write about boys in love. I really don’t understand how they feel when they are in love. For me boys in love are a myth.

Which scene is close to your heart?

Scene close to my heart is when Avanti, Meenakshi and Rachana are back from the trip. Meenakshi talks about Aaksh’s girlfriend and Avanti starts crying and scolds Meenakshi to stop. And Meenakshi and Rachana are shocked to hear this.

Why do you think people should read your book – “First You Plz”

Girls should read First You Plz because there is a bit of Avanti in every girl. Surely while reading First You Plz they would meet themselves and feel she is just like me or she is just like my friend. Boys should read to understand the mystery about the girl’s behavior. Probably next time they would know a girl better.

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