Saturday, April 5, 2014

Queen: A sure shot second time watch movie!

Star Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkumar Rao, Lisa Haydon

A movie and a novel freak my stint with movies was up, as entertainment from cinema was drying up and lot of movies with grey shades took over.  However, it was Queen which revived my interest in the movies back with liberation as its theme. Hence, this post find itself in the space. 

While the movie was intriguing throughout, I had to google a bit to get my facts on it together: P. Nevertheless, it did not take me much of a time to put together my take-away’s from the movie.

The crux of the story revolves around a young shy girl – Rani (Kangana Ranaut) from Rajouri Garden, Delhi and how she liberates herself from sorrow and transforms herself after her fiancĂ©e dumps her on the day before her marriage.

The movie was a roller coaster of emotions – the Awwws, the chuckles, the empathy and the pat on the back experience - I went through all as I was reclining on the chair in the theatre.
The touchy Aww moments were experience when Vijay (Rajkumar Rao) thinks of innovative ways to flirt around the girl to finally convince her. Of them the awesome Awww moment was the scene in the library with a well-crafted dialogue of “Rani…Soup…Manchao….Manjao…”

While the movie has a never to be dried up quota of chuckles, Rani’s experience of freedom with Vijaylakshmi (Lisa Haydon) at Paris were worth cherishing – especially the burps, the free dance and the family’s chat sessions on telecommunication mode.

The moments with the three friends in the Paris Capital – Amsterdam were refreshing - especially the goof up of the locations of the name “church” and dishing out nothing like a “French toast” to a Black.

A suspense element of the climax about what Rani’s decision be has been maintained throughout the movie by showing subtle hints towards Olexander and the Italian chef person who appoints her as a chef in the hotel to finally Vijay who wants to make a comeback in her life desperately.
What left me with a smile as I left and a pat on the back experience was the liberating decision Rani took of freeing herself from the clutches of marriage and showing the world that marriage is not everything in life!

Well, I would not mind watching the movie a second to re-live some of the cherished moments - anyone for second helping of the movie with me ;)?

Psst: The Offer is for girls only :P

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