Monday, January 8, 2018

Book Review: You Can Win – A Guidance book with an essence!

Name of the Book: YOU CAN WIN!

Name of the Author: Shiv Khera

Number of Pages: 289

Price of the Book: INR 221 around

The tagline of the book- WINNERS Don’t DO Different Things They Do Things Differently truly encourages one person to initiate a change in their life.

The 10 chapter step by step guide which motivates people to things differently.  Each chapter in the book has a precise theme and an exercise through which the author pushes the reader to bring about a change in the personality.

While some parts of the book are truly enticing especially the stories that inspire people the theoretical part becomes dragged towards the end.

Discipline and positive attitude is one thing which sparks out loud in the book of winners and so in this book as well.

All in all an inspiring book for the leaders of tomorrow. Worth a read for management students and aspiring job searchers

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