Friday, June 15, 2018

Can Luck Change Destiny?

Looking out of my window I saw raindrops falling down from my rooftop. A small pool of water had been formed on the raw monsoon roads. Children wore a happy smile while traveling to school. Some were freely jumping on water and having fun.

I could stretch my view from beyond the road. This was under the bridge where these set of children also were jumping in the rain water pond. However, these children did not have uniforms on their body. Neither did they cry on being separated from their mother. These were what we called street children.

I was sitting in a relaxed manner on my chair having the morning cup of tea. A thought just passed by – What is the fault of such children who don’t have clothes, good upbringing, nor good education. Are their Karma predestined to lead a poor life, or can they be lucky to change their future.   

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