Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mrs Funnybones – Twinkle struggle's to make mood light!

Name of the book: Mrs Funnybones
Author of the book: Mrs Twinkle Khanna
No of Pages: 235:
Rating: 2.5
Price: Around INR 200/

The book is authored by a celebrity of the 1990’s Twinkle Khanna. She is now a mother of two and the wife of famous star Akshay Kumar. Currently a film producer and an interior designer she made her debut as a novelist in August 2015 – exactly three years ago.

The book I found is more is more of the collection of communication of her dialogues with her mother Dimple Kapadia in a funny manner. It’s a small memoir presented in a satire form.

The non-fiction book is an interesting read only if you are book lover and would standby to give time to this passerby celebrity homemaker turned author, interior designer, and a film producer.

Twinkle please stay indoors and be a good housewife!

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